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Steve Thompson via mol-evol%40net.bio.net (by stevet from bio.fsu.edu)
Tue Aug 7 16:16:50 EST 2007

Hi all -

Sorry about dropping out of the conversation for the past couple of days - 
I've been too busy with students at the MBL Mol Evol Course.  Anyway, 
thanks to all that have participated, including GCG's Michael Perry, who 
clarified the "perpetual license" issue a bit.  However, in spite of now 
knowing that a node-independent license will be a part of it, which was a 
huge biggy for me, there are still problems.  As has been pointed out - 
database formats change; however, what I think is most dangerous, OSs 
upgrade.  Eventually stuff will break.  It's not a perfect solution, but 
it is better than none.

Michael did argue re. the difficulty of releasing the entire package due 
to all the original author license complications.  As Peter mentioned, OK, 
perhaps that it too complicated for GCG to do it for free.  But, please, 
let SeqLab go.  There are plenty of people out there, including Peter 
(who, I believe has already offered in this thread) and other folk in the 
EMBOSS team who would gladly take it upon themselves to incorporate 
outside, already open source programs, into SeqLab's menus.  Peter has 
already dug into the SeqLab (GDE) license terms.  Let's make it happen.

                              Cheers - Steve
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