[Molecular-evolution] theory confirmation/correction

Steve via mol-evol%40net.bio.net (by no.one from example.com)
Tue Aug 14 13:55:34 EST 2007

if we can expect to have a relatively small number of mutations per 
individual, then is it logical to infer that a populous will evolve at a 
much more excellerated pace the more sparce it is? i'd think a larger 
population would more likely sustain its hallmark characteristics due to the 
masking. statistically speaking, there would be more of the 'standard 
features' being replicated in larger number and frequency than individual 

if that is true, then perhaps adaptation is most pronounced during 
environmental strife where a specialization is no longer the most fit way to 
survive. any anomoly then, has more of a 'voice' in the gene pool of the 
species. i'd love to work out the math for that.


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