[Molecular-evolution] Re: Theory On Certain Functions Of Nervous System

Faustino Núñez Hernández via mol-evol%40net.bio.net (by faustnh from gmail.com)
Mon Aug 20 18:42:26 EST 2007

Steve , I know perfectly that genes don't " want " anything , in the
sense you're considering my word " want " and the rest of my words .

You should be able to appreciate and assume the FIGURATIVE AND
RELATIVE sense , dimension and characteristic of my words and my
message , and you should be able to appreciate , assume and understand
what is the clear and simple idea I want to transmit .

If I have now to stop and try to discuss with you , and explain to
you , things like what a figurative and relative way of expression
is , or like in what sense or manner you have to interpret my
account , or like what's a pondered , moderated and mature manner of
interpreting and criticizing a text , not subjugating this
understanding to certain excessively strict and rigurous linguistic
orientations and vocations , that I already passed when I was much
younger , then please forgive me , but let me respectfully say that ,
at my present age , I don't feel like keeping any debate in these
conditions .

Again respectfully , I'll I can express now is that I will only debate
with you if you give me valid critics and considerations .

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