[Molecular-evolution] Re: Theory On Certain Functions Of Nervous System

Faustino Núñez Hernández via mol-evol%40net.bio.net (by faustnh from gmail.com)
Tue Aug 21 14:57:35 EST 2007

Sorry , you're right Steve , it hasn't been here ; the place where I
emphasized the aspect of  the theory being about a DIRECT influence of
the sensory nervous system data on genome , rather than an indirect
influence , was on http://groups.google.com/group/Talk-Biology/browse_frm/thread/dca46171f356ff92
, where I presented this theory too .

IMPORTANT NOTE : on that URL I also add another personal theory I've
always been interested in , about nature itself of genome . This other
theory is EVEN MORE CONTROVERSIAL than the one about relationship
between genome and sensory nervous system .

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