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>I am trying to clarify Darwin's first use of 'survival of the 
>fittest', and have found conflicting statements.
>Christianen and Prout, Chapter 8, "Evolutionary Genetics From 
>Molecules to Morphology", eds Singh and Krimbas (2000), Cambridge 
>Univ. Press provide a quote from "Origin of Species" 6th Ed, 1872, 
>and state that the remark including 'survival of the fittest' was 
>added by Darwin in the 6th edition after suggestion and encouragement 
>by Thomas Huxley.
>Dawkins "The Extended Phenotype" (1982), Oxford Univ. Press - p. 179 
>states that the term was adopted by Darwin (1866) at the urging of 
>Wallace (1866) - with both referenced to letters from Wallace to 
>Darwin, and Darwin to Wallace.
>Both may well be correct, but my question is - if the term was 
>adopted by Darwin in the letter to Wallace in 1866, did it appear in 
>either the 4th or 5th editions? I do not have access to these 2 editions!

They should be online at the new Darwin site:



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