theoretical biology

Eluemuno R. Blyden hcb8 at columbia.edu
Mon Dec 12 00:19:28 EST 1994

In reply to your posting I would like to say that You ARE needed on an 
international level.  I particularly identified with your comparison to 
the evolution of physics.  Please count me in as an enthusiastic 
supporter of your accession to global networkdom and add me to any 
mailing lists that you now have.

I am interested in the area of sequence structure relations and also have 
a small software company that has developed medical imaging software for 
PCs and is working on visualisation programs for gene sequence analysis.

Please send me information about how to join your society to:

dr. Eluemuno R. Blyden
Khepera Group, LLC
220 Manhattan Ave #5R
New York City, NY 10025

blyden at bio.vu.nl
hcb8 at columbia.edu


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