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In article <3cl0gt$alv at nntp.ucs.ubc.ca>, ywchen at laue.biochem.ubc.ca (Y. W. Chen) writes:
|> Dear all,
|> There are a whole gallery of biologically-related superb graphic images (eg. from structural works) scattered in various labs.  Anyone vote for forming a new usenet news group collecting these pictures ?  I am interested but I haven't got storage disk spa|> ce and the expertise to run the newsgroup.  Furthermore, I think a discussion group on how to generate these pictures will be helpful for communicating ideas as well.
|> Yu Wai CHEN
|> Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
|> University of British Columbia
|> 2146 Health Sciences Mall
|> Vancouver BC


This is entirely inappropriate for a newsgroup.  These images are not 
constantly changing and, as you point out, are very large.  Why should
*thousands* of sites waste many many megabytes of disk space holding pictures
that only a few people are interested in?  If you're familiar with 
USENET, you'll realize that the local site administrators will delete the
pictures posted to these groups as soon as they appear.

Before proposing boneheaded things like this, PLEASE read 
news.announce.newusers like you're supposed to.  

An FTP or WWW site, where only one machine has to waste space on these
pictures, is a far more appropriate way of distributing them.  And
by the way, several sites of this sort already exist (take a look
at http:://www.nih.gov).

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