Pictures/coordinates for states in protein folding

Evan W. Steeg steeg at cs.toronto.edu
Wed Jan 4 20:19:19 EST 1995

  A friend of mine would like some pictures of a protein in several
different states of folding/unfolding.  She'd really prefer Cytochrome C,
but other proteins would suffice.  Otherwise, her needs are very

  -- Intermediate states may be observed (NMR, etc.) or modelled (according
     to some accepted classical/qm simulation model).

  -- Pictures may be space-filling, or ribbon diagrams, or etc.

  -- Pictures in any unix-friendly format (gif, tiff, ppm, etc.)

 In addition to or in lieu of graphics, perhaps there is a database
of partially-folded structures somewhere, akin to the brookhaven pdb
of folded structure coordinate files?  I'm curious about this myself.

 Last but not least, can anyone recommend offhand a particularly good
paper on some theoretical or empirical aspects of folding that features
a sequence of pictures as described above (especially of Cyt C!) ?

  Thanks for any pictures, pointers, or references!  If I discover
anything especially interesting, I'd be glad to summarize and repost.



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