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Lev A. Gorenstein lev at cv4.chem.purdue.edu
Fri Jan 20 14:42:51 EST 1995

On 18 Jan 1995, D. Srikar Rao wrote:

> out if there is some free software out there that allows for viewing pdb
> files on an XTERM. This software could be as simple as just allowing for 
> rotation, but it would be nice if it allowed for only backbone, or alpha
> carbon trace, as well as allowed for picking individual atoms. Does such
> software exist for free out there? (something like Rasmol, but that would
> work on an xterm. 

Rasmol works very well on XTERM!  We have it working on IBM RS/6000 
AIXWindows.  ftp to kekule.osc.edu and download it.


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