Call For Papers: Evolution and Structure of Biomolecules

Richard Goldstein richardg at Ne.Chem.LSA.UMich.Edu
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                      Announcement and Call for Papers


                          A Seminar Track in the
                     Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing
                           January 3-6, 1996 
                        Ritz Carlton Hotel, Hawaii

  All biological macromolecules have an evolutionary origin that is 
manifested in essentially every aspect of their biological and 
physico-chemical properties. In order to 
understand these macromolecules, it is necessary to understand the 
relationship between these properties and the evolutionary pressures
that determined form and function.  
Information about the evolutionary history can be used to 
help predict the characteristics of these macromolecules.
Conversely, these macromolecules encode this evolutionary
heritage, and can provide insight into the 
process of molecular evolution. 

  Possible topics include:

  - Role of natural selection and self-organization in biomolecular evolution

  - The relationship between sequence and structure evolution

  - Structure-based evolutionary reconstruction

  - Definition, significance, and evolution of protein cores, loops, and
    other conserved motifs

  - Evolutionary interpretations of multiple sequence or structure alignments,
    including their use in biomolecular structure prediction

  - The exon theory of protein structural organization

  We welcome papers describing results from a wide range of possible
methodologies, including analyses of the databases of biomolecular 
sequences and structures, simple conceptual and computational 
evolutionary models, and experimental results.

  Current plans are for electronic publication of the papers by the MIT Press,
in both HTML and postscript.  People wishing to present posters without 
publishing a full paper may submit an abstract.  Preregistration for the
conference is required for the inclusion of a paper in the conference 

Paper submission deadline:                 July 27, 1995
Notice to authors:                         September 11, 1995
Final paper and preregistration deadline:  October 2, 1995

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