Good Textbook on Proteins

Eric Fisher ewfisher at FACSTAFF.WISC.EDU
Tue Jun 6 15:28:15 EST 1995

Sorry about my lack of timeliness with this, but a month or two ago Dave
Rominger asked about a good textbook on proteins (I assume with value to
protein modeling), and I didn't see Creighton's book among the responses.

The book is called "Proteins", Second Edition, by Thomas E. Creighton.  It
has quite a bit of thermodynamic data for submolecular interactions, seems
to cover the literature well, and lists hundreds of references.  The
publication date is also very recent, I think 1993 or '94.

Unfortunately, "Proteins" is also in great demand, and here at Wisconsin a
used copy is $42.00; the one or two copies the library owns are on two-hour
reserve.  The first edition, 1983, is also very good, but suffers from the
paucity of data for modeling available at that time.  However, the
principles of protein structure and function covered there are still quite

Eric Fisher
University of Wisconsin-Madison
School of Pharmacy
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