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  |> Hi.
  |> Does anyone have any good tips on using computer programs for modelling 
  |> RNA 
  |> instead of building physical models? We have Biosym's Insight/Discover.

  |  There was some nice work reported a few years ago on a very
  | general and apparently useful constraint-satisfaction system
  | that combines various molecular dynamics/energy-minimization
  | methods with other (heuristic, user-defined, pattern-based)
  | sources of information.  I know they had (have) a working system,
  | but I don't know whether they made their code available.

You can find informations on MCSYM, including a user guide, from


You can find some recent papers, namely on a parallel version, from


See also,


Finaly, if you need more informations get in touch with us by sending
an Email to

	mcsym-user at IRO.UMontreal.CA or
	major at IRO.UMontreal.CA


  | @article{Major-et-al-91,
  | author = "F. Major
  |   and M. Turcotte
  |   and D. Gautheret
  |   and G. Lapalme
  |   and E. Fillion
  |   and R. Cedergren",
  | title = "The combination of symbolic and numerical computation
  |   for three-dimensional modeling of {RNA}",
  | journal = "Science",
  | volume = "253",
  | pages = "1255-1260",
  | year = "1991"}

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