CHIME plugin PDB viewer in Netscape 3.0b5

Frank R. Gorga gorga at next.duq.edu
Mon Jul 1 17:49:24 EST 1996

Jonathan B. Marder wrote:
> Hi,
>   Last week I was enjoying viewing and manipulating molecular structures
> in Netscape (3.0b4) using the Chime plugin PDB viewer. Yesterday I
> installed Netscape 3.0b5 (16-bit under WFWG 3.11) and now only get
> black-boxes i.e. the plugin fails to display the molecular images. Is
> this true for any other platform?  <SNIP>

I do not think that the problem is related to your upgrade. I had the 
same problem this morning with a system that has not changed 
recently. (I am still using NetScape 2.0) 

There is, most probably, a problem with the Chime code... I suspect it 
has something to do with the automatic expiration code they have added to 
the betas.

Any way, I have reported the problem to MDL However, it can't hurt for 
you to also report the problem also. Their address is: 

-- Frank

P.S. If you have the time, and when Chime is working again, check out my 
Chime demo titled "Isomers of Organic Compounds, An Introduction" at: 

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