IMPORTANT ** Cytokines Web Announcement

Simon M. Brocklehurst smb at bioch.ox.ac.uk
Mon Mar 3 05:22:51 EST 1997

********IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT*************

*********** THE CYTOKINES WEB**************


The Cytokines Web has moved from it's location at the
University of Oxford OCMS Web server.  The new URL is:


Please update your links and bookmarks to reflect the new location.

The Cytokines Web has been updated and extended, as described below:

The Cytokines Web provides leading-edge scientific information
about cytokines and their receptors, including 3-D structural
information and topological and evolutionary relationships (site info 
available). It also contains information about potential theraputic 
uses for some Human cytokines. 

In addition to updates of previously available sections to include
up-to-date structural information, new CytWeb areas for 1997 are. 
 o  Journal Watch - Up-to-date surveys of the
    literature at the click of a mouse button 
    (see the icons in the "known structures" areas) 

 o  Hot Targets - recently discovered human cytokines 
    that are targets for structure determination by 
    using X-ray/NMR techniques, and/or prediction by
    computational techniques.

 o  Clinical Significance -  potential uses of Human cytokines 
    in diagnosis and treatment of disease Conference Announcements

 o  Check out upcoming events and conferences in a Calendar

 o  Commercial Links - products and services of interest to 
    Cytokines Web users.

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