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Mon Mar 3 13:13:48 EST 1997

Genetic Algorithm Plug-In for NExS Released
X Engineering Software Systems (XESS Corp.) announces the immediate
availability of a genetic algorithm (GA) plug-in for its NExS spreadsheet.
Those interested in the genetic algorithm plug-in can download the source
code and a PostScript manual from www.xess.com. A free, 30-day version of
the NExS spreadsheet and the new conNExions-BETA API can also be downloaded
for the HP/UX, AIX, Digital UNIX, SunOS, Solaris and Linux platforms.

Genetic algorithms (GA) solve optimization problems by modeling potential
solutions as chromosomes which can breed with one another to produce better
solutions through the forces of natural selection.

The GA plug-in provides one new NExS function: @GENALG(...) which optimizes
a fitness function that is affected by a group of 1/0 variables in the
sheet. Any NExS function or combination of functions can be used to specify
the fitness function.

The GA plug-in interacts with the NExS spreadsheet through the
conNExions-BETA API. The source code for the plug-in is being made available
for modification and customization.

NExS Product Manager Dave Vanden Bout stated:

     There has been a lot of interest in using NExS for optimization
     problems. We released the genetic algorithm plug-in so our
     customers could have a tool that addresses nonlinear optimization
     problems. By also releasing the source code, they can modify the
     basic algorithm to match their particular problems without having
     to create all the boilerplate code for linking it to NExS.

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