FF parameters

Massimo Ragazzi max at icm.mi.cnr.it
Mon Sep 1 06:11:42 EST 1997

Francois Dupradeau <Francois-Yves.Dupradeau at sa.u-picardie.fr>  wrote:


I look for informations for modifying the cvff force field (for
I am interested to introduce parameters for the sulfonate group (RSO3-).

Does anyone know references for this work (or similar work of similar

Thank you


   In a very recent paper  ( THEOCHEM 395 (1997) p 107-122) we summarized
our work on this topic  (-O-SO3-, -COO- groups in sugars).
   Hope that this (and papers referenced therein) may help


  Massimo Ragazzi  ( and  Dino R. Ferro)

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