REQ: Protein transmembrane segment modeling

Mary Devlin mary at wpi.edu
Sun Apr 5 01:13:18 EST 1998

	I am an undergraduate at Worcester Polytechnic Institute	
	researching the Na,K-ATPase.  I am interested in the cation
	coordinating ability of oxy-containing amino acids in the
	inner, hydrophillic region of the transmebrane segments.
	I have done some point mutation/kenetics studies of the
	enzyme, but I am interested in molecular modeling and plan
	to complete my senior research project with a 3-d hypothetical
	model of the TMs I am studying.  

	We have some crosslinking data, and I am looking for some sort
	of program for a PC or UNIX platform that could help me in
	positioning/visualizing the TM fragments.  I have been using
	PCMODEL in my molecular modeling class, but am I would like 
	something more specifically geared towards protein chemistry.
	Thank you,
	Mary Devlin
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