Hansch analysis

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Sat Aug 1 14:07:14 EST 1998

Hello Fabio

At one time I read some of the original Hansch papers.  I think the most
straightforward step for you to take is to decide what you want the software
to do and, if there would be an advantage in having software carry out the
calculations, write it yourself.


Joe Jansen
JAJansenJr at MSN.COM

fabio zuccotto wrote in message <35C264DC.41C6 at cf.ac.uk>...
>Hello everyone,
>I would like to start an Hansch or Hansch-like analysis (QSAR), I would
>like to know if there is any sotware available. Any comment is
>appreciate. Please reply to sphfz1 at cf.ac.uk
>Thank you in advance.
>Fabio Zuccotto
>Research Student

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