software for protein modeling

Ellie Brown ebrown at i-2000.com
Thu Feb 12 19:51:12 EST 1998

I am working for a non-academic but not-for-profit organization.  Nearly
10 years ago we started our molecular modeling program, using commercial
software.  The initial licensing fee was more than $50,000 because we were
not an academic intitution.  Because of changes in funding and staffing,
we no longer have any one doing this work full time.  The $25000/year we
are now paying for software support (if we don't pay it we lose the keys)
is considerably more than we can reasonably justfy.  However, there are
still uses for the modeling as an adjunct to experimental studies and I
would anticipate further interest within the next few years.

Do you know of a way for a not-for-profit organization to qualify for
academic rates?  Can this be done after the initial licensing?  

Ellie Brown

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