Wrkshp: Comput. Methods in Toxicology, Apr 20-22, Dayton, OH

Jan Labanowski jkl at OSC.EDU
Thu Feb 26 16:25:32 EST 1998

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                       April 20-22, 1998
              Holiday Inn/I-675, Dayton, Ohio, USA

                    Organizing Committee:
  John Frazier (AFRL/HEST)           Ruth Pachter (AFRL/MLPJ & ASC)
  Kevin Geiss (AFRL/HEST)            Steven Trohalaki (AFRL/MLPJ)
  Jan Labanowski (ASC/ARL & OSC)     Theresa Windus (ASC & OSC)

International workshop: "Computational Methods in Toxicology" organized by: 
   -  Air Force Research Laboratory (Operational Toxicology Branch of the
      Human Effectiveness Directorate, Materials & Manufacturing Directorate,
      and Air Force Office of Scientific Research.) 

   -  Aeronautical Systems Center (Major Shared Resource Center for High
      Performance Computing) through the Programming Environment and
      Training Program. 
will be held at Holiday Inn/I-675, Dayton, Ohio, USA. The workshop is open to
all US and international participants from Industry, Government, or
Academic/Non-profit sectors but is limited to 60 participants. Please register
promptly since the priority will be given to preregistered participants.

                     Topic Areas:
      Research applications of QSAR/SARs, 
      Tools for development of new QSAR/SARs, 
      Molecular modeling and simulation in toxicology, 
      Commercially available software products. 

                     Workshop Format:
      Oral presentations by invited speakers, 
      Roundtable discussion with panel of invited speakers, 
      Poster session open for presentations by attendees. 

      Registration Deadline: March 31, 1998. 
      Abstract Submission Deadline: March 16, 1998. 

                     List of invited speakers: 
           Marilyn Arnott - LogiChem 
           Subhash Basak - University of Minnesota 
           Romualdo Benigni - Instituto Superiore di Sanita, IT 
           Doug Bristol - NIH/NIEHS, RTP 
           James Devillers - CTIS, Lyon, FR 
           Kurt Enslein - Health Designs, Inc, NY 
           Nigel Greene - LHASA , UK 
           William C. Herndon - University of Texas-El Paso 
           Peter Jurs - Penn State University 
           Douglas J. Klein - Texas A&M 
           Bob Lipnick - EPA, Washington, DC 
           Edwin Matthews - FDA, Rockville 
           Rich Purdy - 3M, St. Paul
           Milan Randic - Drake University, IA 
           Ann Richard - EPA, RTP 
           Herb Rosenkranz - University of Pittsburgh 
           Paul Seybold - Wright State University 
           Alex Tropsha - UNC-Chapel Hill 

Detailed information about registration, location, and program is available
on the Web at:


or can be requested from:
           Toxicology Workshop
           c/o Ms. Jill Robertson
           2435 Fifth Street
           Bldg. 676, Room 114
           Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7802
              FAX: (937) 255-4585
              E-mail: toxicology at osc.edu

Since we do not have much time in advertizing this workshop,
we would be grateful if you could forward this message to your
colleagues who may be interested in participating.

Thank you,

The Organizers: toxicology at osc.edu

The text of this announcement is also available at Computational Chemistry
Conference List at:


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