molecular modeling on linux

Michel Seigneuret seigneur at lpbc.jussieu.fr
Mon Jun 8 10:02:03 EST 1998

Dear Collegues,
I am thinking of purchasing a 2 processors Pentium2 350 or 400Mhz PC 
to perform bioinformatics and molecular modelling studies under Linux.
I would therefore be interested to hear from people already using
similar machines for similar works.
1)Are the performances satisfactory for "standard" modeling tasks
(e.g. sequence or structure database searching, molecular dynamics or
conformational searching on peptides)? Comparison of performances with
e.g. an SGI R10000 would be helpful.
2)It seems that a big problem with Linux is hardware compatibility.
I would thus be interested if some people would advise me on specific
hardware configurations that work (specially on high-end 3D OpenGL
compatible graphic cards).
Thank you in avance for your help.


Michel Seigneuret
Universite Paris 6, Lab. de Physicochimie Biomoleculaire et Cellulaire
4, place Jussieu, 75252 Paris cedex 05, France
tel 33 1 44277545, fax 33 1 44277560

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