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The science of crystallography has played a key role in the development of
X-ray diffraction, electron diffraction and neutron diffraction for the
elucidation of the atomic structure of matter. Crystallography is an
interdisciplinary branch of science taught in departments of physics,
chemistry, geology, molecular biology, metallurgy and materials science.

To encourage promising graduate students to pursue
crystallographically-oriented research, the International Centre for
Diffraction Data (ICDD) has established a Crystallography Scholarship Fund. 
The ICDD has awarded twenty-eight scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each
since 1992. The year 2000 Scholarship Award has been increased to $2,250.
Applications for the year 2000 awards must be received by ICDD no later thatn
29 October 1999.   Qualifications for the applicants: The applicant should be
a graduate student seeking a degree with major interest in crystallography
e.g. crystal structure analysis, crystal morphology, modulated structures,
correlation of atomic structure with physical properties, systematic
classification of crystal structures, phase identification and materials
characterization. There are no restrictions on country, race, age or sex. The
term of the scholarship is one year. Application for one renewal may be made
by the recipient at the end of the first year. Because a limited number of
scholarships are awarded, renewal applications will be considered on a
competitive basis in conjunction with all applications that have been
submitted up to the closing date.

Curriculum Vitae, listing degree(s) held and degree(s) sought.
A one-page proposal by the graduate student describing the type of
crystallographic research to be partially supported by the scholarship.

A supportive letter from the sponsoring professor of an accredited university
or an institute of technology on institution letterhead.

Restrictions on the scholarship fund: The scholarship stipend is to be used
by the graduate student to help defray tuition, laboratory fees and cost of
books and/or journals on crystallography. A portion of the stipend may be
applied to registration fees to accredited scientific meetings related to

No more than one scholarship will be awarded to applicants at any one
accredited institution per year.

The funds of the scholarship are not to be used for travel.

The awarding of the scholarships shall be administered by a committee
consisting of the ICDD Chairman, the Chairman of the ICDD Technical
Committee, the Chairman of the ICDD Education Subcommittee and three or four
individuals without a conflict of interest. One or more accredited professors
(with no conflicts of interest) may be invited to assist in the selection of
successful candidates.

Applications must be received by 29 October 1999. Please mail to:
Secretary, International Centre for Diffraction Data
12 Campus Boulevard
Newtown Square, PA 19073-3273 U.S.A.

International Centre for Diffraction Data
www.icdd.com, www.dxcicdd.com, www.ixas.org
webmaster at icdd

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