Cathy Mac Mullan cathy99 at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Oct 12 22:27:07 EST 2000

The results turned out the way they did because the tests that were done in
two of the experiments. In two of the experiments the materials were used
that affect the rate of enzymatic reaction, enzyme activity was one of the
factors affecting this reaction, because test tubes two and three were found
to have an extract containing the enzyme which increased enzyme activity.
This means that even though as the extract increases the enzyme
concentration effects the amount of enzyme activity. In the experiment of
denaturation, the extract that was used in test tubes two and three
contained no denatured enzyme with the extract which had no effect to how
quickly the enzyme activity increased. In test tubes four and five there
were no extract used but a denatured enzyme was used which contains very
little enzymes because of the denaturing in that enzyme. This affects enzyme
activity because the denaturing effects how many enzymes are used. The
inhibitor used was a hydroxyl amine. In test tubes two and three there was
an extract used which contains the enzymes but there was no inhibitor used,
this lets the enzyme activity increase because the enzyme active sites were
not blocked by the inhibitor. In test tubes four and five there were
hydroxyl amine and extract. The enzyme activity increased very little
because the hydroxyl amine blocked the active sites of the enzyme's

The reason the results turned out as expected is because of the condition
that affects enzymes' shape such as pH and temperature; and other materials
available such as enzyme concentration and denaturation. Temperature affects
enzyme activity because as the temperature is increased the rate of enzyme
activity increases. At 37 C there is a constant met that shows the most
significant increases in the enzyme activity. If heated too much there is
very little enzyme activity because the continuous enzymatic activity has
been exceeded and too much heat is used which in turn affects enzyme
activity. { Why? I don't know, this is where I need the most help with my
information} Also, the action of an inhibitor affects enzyme activity. These
results will occur if the above conditions are used because they all affect
how an enzyme functions and this will affect how much and who enzyme
activity will occur.

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