CfP: Bionics of Production Lines - Genetics, Metabolics, and FM

Dr. Bernd S. Müller Bernd.Mueller at gmd.de
Tue Apr 10 05:15:59 EST 2001

                       --- Call for Papers ---                      

                    BIONICS  OF PRODUCTION LINES:                    

                         Invited Session at                         
   Fifth Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics  
                             July 22-25                             
                          Orlando, Florida                          
                        Sheraton World Resort                       

Background and Motivation

Analogies between biological and technical systems have been explored 
since the Wiener's statement of Cybernetics.  A  successful  example 
today is the research in neural networks, natural and artificial. We 
believe that the  analogy  between  biological  and  non-biological 
production lines is another interesting  area  to  explore  in  the 
realm of cybernetics and bionics. 
This session is aimed  to  be  a  forum  of  exchanging   ideas  and 
presenting facts about both the cell production systems and modern  
concepts of adaptive manufacturing. 
Emphasis is put on exploring  the  biological  production  lines  in 
terms of the concepts relevant for flexible manufacturing systems, 
but also on recognizing solutions in biology relevant for human-made 
manufacturing systems.  

List of relevant topics includes, but is not limited to

Genetics of manufacturing 
Control of protein biosynthesis
Metabolic networks
Biomolecular robots and biomolecular machines 
Autonomous manufacturing systems
Unicellular systems
Cognition and adaptation
Surviving strategies
Flexible manufacturing systems
Material processing in biological and human-made FMS
Information processing in biological and human-made FMS
Adaptive manufacturing systems
Mobile factories on other planets
Bionic manufacturing systems


Potential participants should submit an extended abstract  or  paper 
draft of their work in the area. Submissions  will  be  reviewed  by 
independent referees, and should not exceed 2000 words for  extended 
abstracts and 5000 words for paper  drafts.  Submissions  should  be 
sent via e-mail as ASCII or  PDF  file  to  either  of  the  session 

Accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings.  In 
addition, an effort will be made to publish the papers in a special 
volume of  a major publisher.

Important dates

Submission of manuscripts: April 30, 2001
Notification of acceptance: May 13, 2001
Camera ready copy: May 23, 2001


Attendants  to  the  invited  session  must  register  for  the  main 
conference. There is no additional fee for the session.  Please  see 
the Conference web page http://www.iiis.org/sci/ for details.


Stevo Bozinovski
Computer Science and Engineering Institute
Center for Beings Research 
Electrical Engineering Department 
Sts Cyril and Methodius University
Skopje, Macedonia
bozinovs at rea.etf.ukim.edu.mk

Ralf Hofestaedt
Computer Science Department
Otto-von-Guericke University
Magdeburg, Germany
hofestae at iti.cs.uni-magdeburg.de

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