Seqs, synths, mass specs, MALDIs available

Michael Sherrell grizzly at 2xtreme.net
Mon Mar 5 19:54:37 EST 2001

Sequencers, synthesizers, Mass Specs, MALDIs for sale:

*Peptide and oligo synthesizers and sequencers:
    MegaBace 1000: $150,000.
    ABI 377: $39,000. 96-lane; Sequencing mod.; includes ABI install.
    ABI 377: $29,000. 64-lane; Sequencing mod.; includes ABI install.
    ABI 310: $32,000. Refurbed/warranteed
    ABI 394: $12,500. Rebuilt; 90-day warranty.
    ABI 392: $10,500. Rebuilt; 90-day warranty.
    Beckman 1000M: $11,000; warranty
    ABI 3948: $20,000 or offer. Working well in lab now.
    ABI 373 stretch: $9,000. Big Dye upgrade
    Li-Cor 4200L-2: $31,500
    ABI 430 peptide synthesizer: $10,500. Rebuilt, 90-day warranty
    ABI 432 peptide synthesizer: $15,000. Rebuilt, 90-day warranty
    ABI 433 peptide synthesizer: $34,000. Rebuilt, 90-day warranty
    PerSeptive Pioneer: $55,000. W/ MPS option (16 simultaneous). 1.5 yrs.
    ABI Procise 492 HT: $80,000 w/ABI installation
    PerSeptive 9050+: $11,000 rblt./warranty
    ACT 200 and 357-MPS: call for pricing
    ABI 477-120: <=$5,000

    Finnigan API 2000: $120,000. Available May 1.
    Finnigan LCQ Classic: $98,000: API, APCI, installed w/ 1 year warr;
includes BioMASS Deconvolution and TurboSEQUEST software.
    Finnigan TSQ 7000: $125,000 w/ Finnigan install, 30-day warr; API 2;
    Sciex API III+: $48,000. Triple quad: ES, APCI; +$10K/intall w/ 90-day
    Sciex API 365: $97,500 installed w/ 30-day warr.
    Sciex API 300: $54,000 incl. install/warranty
    Finnigan Navigator: call.
    Finnigan SSQ 7000: $50,000. Single quad: API 1; current Excalibur
    Finnigan TSQ 700: $ 60,000. 1993 triple quad; API 1, electrospray, APCI,
DCI; new Alpha workstn (Y2K-ok); includes factory install + factory 90-day
    Waters Integrity LC/MS: $60,000. Current benchtop model; excellent
    Micromass Platform II: call.
    Kratos Concept 4-sector: $20,000. LSIMS, EI, FD; 10,000 mass range.
    MAT 95: $260,000. Hi res mag sector. 1994, ES, APCI, FAB, Thermospray,
GC interface, install, delivery, 1 yr warranty
    VG70E-HF hi-res mag sector: $20,000. EI/CI, FAB.
    Finnigan MAT 90: <$50,000. Hi-resolution magnetic sector

    Voyager Elite: asking $50,000.
    LaserTec II: $75,000. By PerSeptive. 5 yrs. old; excellent condition.
    Finnigan MAT Vision 2000 Reflectron: $80,000; includes install, 1 year
    Thermo/Finnigan Dynamo linear DE: $ 65,000: includes install, 1 year
    Voyager LBT2: $35,000. ~1993. Excellent condition. Non-DE.
    Voyager/Vestek non-DE, non-RP: $25,000.

*Other expensive hi-tech items:
    Bruker AMX 600 NMR, $295,000 installed and warranteed
    Genomic Solutions GeneTAC Hybridization Station
(http://www.genomicsolutions.com/products/bio/hyb.html) ~$50,000
    INTEGRAL® 100Q Biospecific MDLC Workstation: ~$50,000
    Flexysystem colony picker, nearly new. Call for price.
    Biopick BP600 colony picker: ~$50,000
    Process Engineers 29 liter mammalian cell bioreactor, new/unused,
~$35,000 or best offer.
    Pharmacia Smart sytem: cost $65,000 new; used only a few hrs.; asking

*Too hard to classify:
    MD Storm: $45,000; new schanning head, guaranteed ok for svc contract
    MD Phosphorimager 445SI incl. personal densitometer, $19,000
    MD Phosphorimager 425E: offers considered
    MD Personal Densitometer SI -- email for price
    MD Cytosensor, ~ 50% of new price
    ABI 877 Catalyst turbo: $12,000
    PE 9600 thermocyclers: $4,500
    PE 480 thermocyclers: $3,000
    ABI 120: $1,500
    Hitachi H-600AB TEM, < $20,000

    3rd party service for Sciex/API mass specs
    We rebuild valve blocks for ABI 430, 431 and 39x @ $65/port, 90-day
    Service and contracts on ABI 39n and PerSeptive 8909/8905s available.

*Also available:
    HPLCs, ICs, CEs, FPLCs: microbore to prep scale: HP, Beckman, Waters,
Gilson, etc.
    Gilson, Beckman, Tecan, Packard robots/liquid handlers
    A variety of other lab instruments

    Please call or email with your request. I'm also interested in
instruments you may have to sell.


Michael Sherrell
Grizzly Analytical (USA)
707 887 2919/fax 707 887 9834
mike at grizzlyanalytical.com


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