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Martin Larose larosem at mansarde.IRO.UMontreal.CA
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suto at lamar.colostate.edu (Robert Suto) a écrit:

>     I am trying to install Rasmol (v2.6) onto a linux workstation
> running RedHat.  Unfortunately, the program won't compile (the
> instructions say to type 'xmkmf' to make a makefile specific to the
> platform, and then type 'make' which will compile to program to give you
> the single binary file 'rasmol')  I keep getting errors!?  The first
> error was a file not found (was looking for 'sys/termio.h', and the real
> location was 'termio.h') so I went ahead and fixed that, but now I get a
> whole bunch of errors.   Whether it has to do with the modification
> I made for the file location, I'm not sure.  I do know that it won't
> compile either way.  Any have any suggestions??  Also, I have tried
> doing the install on a Linux Slackware 7.1 workstation, and have the
> SAME problem.  Thanks a ton.
>     Matt

Here is a patch that should solve your problems on RedHat.

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