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Dmitry Korkin z17b3 at unb.ca
Wed May 16 12:26:49 EST 2001

My appologies if you've recieved  this message more than once.

Dear colleagues,

I am very pleased to introduce a  new mailing list called Structural
Classification And Representation in Chemistry (SCARIC).

This mailing list should be of interest specialists from the theoretical areas
of computational chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry as well as
computer science and mathematics who are interested in questions related to
bioinformatics/cheminformatics, and molecular design in general  and molecular
representation and classification in particular.
What is this mailing list about? Here are the list of the  topics that we
would like to discuss on this mailing list.

- The issues related to molecular representation. The  role of molecular
representation is extremely important  in those science where one has to deal
with the theoretical (formal) models of chemical objects, both small molecules
and macromolecules: a molecular representation should include all the
information that a researcher will be working with. Which models of molecular
representation are "better" (in terms of convenience and efficiency) and for
which purposes? What are the necessary features of such models? What are the
new models for molecular representations?

- The issues related to  molecular classification. The first methods of
classification in chemistry appeared in chemistry not long ago. Several
methods of classification were taken from Machine Learning area and applied to
the problems of molecular classification  in chemistry and
biochemistry/molecular biology. Which classification models are more efficient
for which types of problems? What are their advantages and disadvantages? What
are the desirable features for such models?

- Other issues related to bioinformatics/cheminformatics and molecular design.

- The mailing list can also be used to announce new publications and
conferences, vacant positions, and other news in the areas of
bioinformatics/cheminformatics and molecular design.

How to subscribe: send mail to:        SCARIC-server at unb.ca
with the following message:            SUBSCRIBE SCARIC FirstName LastName

The following web page will maintain the most interesting discussions by their


Best regards,

Dmitry Korkin,
                               PhD candidate
                               Faculty of Computer Science
                               University of New Brunswick
WWW:   www.cs.unb.ca/~dima/
e-mail: z17b3 at unb.ca

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