New NMR secondary structure assignment software

Ling-Hong Hung lhhung at home.com
Tue Jul 16 15:36:20 EST 2002

We'd like to announce some new software for assigning secondary
structure which is now available from our webserver.

PsiCSI: Secondary structure from sequence and chemical shifts

PsiCSI uses neural networks to translate chemical shifts to secondary
structure information and combine it with sequence based prediction
algorithms (PsiPred). For a rigorously jack-knifed set of 92 proteins,
PsiCSI made 36% fewer errors than CSI, achieving a sustained 3-state
accuracy of 89%.  In addition, because of the sequence based component,
the method remains effective with sparse and incomplete chemical shift
data. A webserver is available at

Hong Hung (lhhung at compbio.washington.edu)

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