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Salado Press now has an online store=2E Check out this great books via our=
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Bridezilla :14=2E95
-"In this book, Noe Spaemme and Jeanne Hamilton expose some of the most sh=
ocking examples from their hit website, Etiquette Hell=2E You=12ll find ma=
ny true stories of horrid behavior from brides, and occasionally grooms, p=
arents, and other folks in the festivities=2E Come read about the couples =
who put deposit slips in wedding invitations, the bride who tried to press=
ure a friend into stealing flowers for the rehearsal dinner, the bride who=
 deliberately chose plumptious bridesmaids and dressed them in strapless s=
heath dresses to make herself look better, the hung-over groom who threw u=
p (twice!) during the ceremony and ultimately had to be taken to the emerg=
ency room, the drunken groom who tore off his clothes and jumped into the =
swimming pool, and the sign on the reception hall exit reading, =13The par=
ty is over / No need to pout / Just leave your gift / And get the hell out=
-S=2E Ardrian - 6/02 - Fearless Reviews

Nine Years in the Saddle: $14=2E95 Paperback / $12=2E95 CD / $14=2E95 Audi=

"I had planned to read the first couple of chapters and then skim the rest=
 of the book=2E But by the middle of the second chapter, entitled 'Man Stu=
ff', I was hooked=2E"
-John Eubanks, Salado Village Voice

"Very readable=2E=2E=2E exciting=2E=2E=2E insightful=2E=2E=2E tugs at the =
heart strings=2E=2E=2E two thumbs up !"
-Steve Mason, Ph=2ED=2E, University of California

"Nine Years In The Saddle is as the author relates, 'a story of a man whom=
 I never got to know until he was eighty one years old, my father'=2E The =
adventures of that father are both in and out of the cowboy mold, offering=
 many insights as well as actions of a modern cowboy, rancher and rover=2E=
-A=2EC=2EGreene, The Dallas Morning News

"James Lee does an excellent job of preserving the true Wild West story of=
 a Depression-era cowboy in Nine Years In The Saddle, a book about his fat=
hers colorful younger, wild and wooly days as a whiskey running lion hunti=
ng cowboy in the Southwest=2E"
-Darren Osborn, The Republic Monitor=20

When Surrender is not an Option: $14=2E95

"It would be hard to describe this story without using words like 'gritty,=
' 'horrifying,' and 'engrossing=2E' George Crawford of the 456th Bomb grou=
p (Heavy), along with James Lee, tells his first-person story of flying th=
e giant American bombers over enemy targets, surviving being shot down, an=
d more importantly, surviving being a prisoner of war in the most dismal c=
onditions one can imagine=2E Told in a no-nonsense, straight-forward appro=
ach to the facts, you will find yourself turning the pages rapidly, not ab=
le to put this fascinating account of one man's challenges in wartime down=
 until every word soaks in=2E"=20
-Roy J=2E Firestone, Webmaster, 456th Bomb Group Association=20

Check out this great books and many more to come=2E

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