[Molecular-modelling] Pymol binaries for Windows

watnne from googlemail.com via molmodel%40net.bio.net (by watnne from googlemail.com)
Sat Jan 30 12:48:28 EST 2010

Hello all!
I have cross-posted this question in bionet.xtallography,
bionet.software, bionet.molec-model and bionet.biology.computational .
It might be helpful if you could please post your suggestions to
bionet.software to have all answers in one place. Now my problem:
I became aware that Pymol, a nice x-ray structure viewer, is no longer
available as  binary but rather needs to be compiled from source code.
While the setup under (Slackware 12.2-) Linux ran smootly with "python
setup.py install" and "python setup2.py install", the same attempt
didn't work under Windows. Under Windows XP, I have tried it first
with Python 2.4, but I didn't have a C++ compiler installed. Then I
installed Visual C++ 2008 Express, but it didn't work either. I then
found the "build -C mingw32" for MingW32/MSYS installation suggestion
which also didn't work. At last I have tried to compile Pymol within
CygWin. All attempts under Windows failed. Did someone succeed with
generating Windows binaries for Pymol 1.2.x (build 3887) and is
willing to share the binaries and a working procedure for their
generation with the Pymol-under-Windows community?
Thank you very much for any helpful suggestions!

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