Please stop mailing this group to me!!

Jon J. P. Bruchez bruchez at MPIMG-Berlin-Dahlem.MPG.DE
Fri Apr 15 19:38:29 EST 1994

To whom it may concern,

	I was clearly added to the direct-mailing list for this group 
(bionet.mycology) a year or so ago. Which was fine for a while but as my 
e-mail address has changed since then the postings find themselves wandering 
around the country with nowhere to go and causing my network controller no end 
of headaches. I still enjoy reading articles posted within  this group but as 
I now use a speceific news reader package mailing me direct is no longer 
	 I've looked through the network but cannot find how to access the 
list where my name nad e-mail address is located or find any information on 
how to remove my name form that list. I hope that somebody responsible for 
that list is reading this and deal with this for me.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
Please mail me at my correct address given below to let me now if this problem 
has been dealt with.


Jon J. P. Bruchez. 
Max-Planck Institut für molekulare Genetik,
Ihnestraße 73, 14195 Berlin, Germany
e-mail: Bruchez at MPIMG-Berlin-Dahlem.MPG.DE

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