Error in pAL4 published sequence.

Gregory May gsmay at
Thu Apr 28 11:22:08 EST 1994

Geoff Turner recently contacted me by email concerning the sequence of
 the expression vector pAL4.  The original publication was Waring, R.B., 
May, G.S., and Morris, N.R. (1989) Characterization of an inducible expression 
system in Aspergillus nidulans using alcA and tubulin coding genes. 
Gene 79, 119-130.  Geoff indicated that the sequence might be incorrect 
because they were unable to get expression from a fusion they had 
constructed.  My laboratory has had a similar problem with a fusion 
from this vector.  Geoff indicated that there was an additional C 
in their sequence not reported in the publication.  We have gone back 
and sequenced our fusion and the original vector to determine if we had 
made an error.  Our sequencing results confirm the prsence of an extra C.

Sequenced:	ATG TCC GGT ACC CGG GGA T etc.

If you or other have had a problem with this vector this may be the 
source of it.

Greg May

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