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In article <CxKH1n.HHH at>, an524 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Jeffrey Ehlinger) writes:
>	My professor got some spores for Christmas this past year
> and he asked me to start them for him.
>	The instructions were in Russian, so we first had to have them
>translated. The species is "Boletus Edgilus" (the spelling could be wrong).

Probaby Boletus edulis = cep = steinpilz, etc. = a fungus (basidiomycete)
(this fungus forms symbiotic relationships with trees (mycorrhizae) and
the sexual fruiting body is a large mushroom with pores, not gills.

>	After two weeks, there is many white moldy looking patches on\
>the leaf mediumm. I have two trays that are being used. I have      
>lowered the moisture content on one of them to try to get rid of
>the mold looking stuff.
>	I wonder is this the form the mycelium takes ?

Sounds right for a fungus.  The mycelium is a mass of thread-like cells
which represents the vegetative phase in the life cycle of many fungi.  The 
B. edulis mycelium that I have cultured is  white and cottony.  Doesn't rule 
out the possibility of a contaminant, though.

>	Is that what I'm seeing.?
>In two weeks, I will cut large holes in the plastic bag keeping the
>moisture in, then hopefully I will get some results.
>	Please e-mail me if you have any idea on how to 
>culture Boletus edgilus.

It would be nice if you could post the details of the Russian culture method.
The only method I've seen reported in the literature involves the use of
Hagem/Modess medium (see Pantidou, M. 1961. Cultural studies of Boletaceae.
Gyrodon Merulioides and four species of Boletinus. Canadian Journal of Botany

It also grows fairly well, at least at first, on malt extract agar amended 
with about .1% (or so) yeast extract.  I imagine you need a pretty big petri 
dish to get a fruiting body though :-)		-RSW

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