A: Check This Out; B: Help Please

Ralph D. Arnold rarnold at teleport.com
Mon Oct 17 23:49:12 EST 1994

A: Check This Out:

I'm setting up a gopherspace designed to help mushroom cultivators - both
hobby and comm'l.  Within this gopher is a partial list of commercial
sources with internet/email access (major requirement); small list of
internet resources (still compiling); files on growing shiitakes (from
Mushroompeople) + max. use of autoclaves & cultivating lion's mane
(from Mushroom Growers' Newsletter) + excerpts dealing with cultivating
fungi from various sources/newsletters.

Access to this gopherspace:

Via WWW   gopher://gopher.teleport.com/11/users/rarnold

Via Gopher   gopher.teleport.com :  select "Users"; then "ON-LINE ACCESS";
              then "PLANTS_BY_EMAIL"; then "MUSHROOMS, FUNGI, MYCOLOGY"

(This gopherspace is changing almost daily)

BTW - if you don't have gopher-ability and you would like to review the
material I have collected, simply send me an email  and ask for one
or more of these subjects (each will be sent as a separate email):

  Commercial Sources.....                                             
  Shiitake Article (by MUSHROOMPEOPLE).......                       
  Articles on Autoclave and Cultivating Lion's Mane (by Mushroom 
  EXCERPTS (from various sources).......                                  
  FREE Internet Email Materials/Sources

B: Help Please :

Do you know of commercial sources I might add (they must have internet/email

Do you have some text files I might add  \       Please send these to me  
OR some newsletter articles from your      \     as part of email message -
society I might excerpt THAT deal with     /     I have trouble with 
cultivating wild/gourmet fungi ??         /       receiving enclosures/files

What other suggestions might you have to improve this info-source?

Ralph D. Arnold  rarnold at teleport.com
P.O. Box 889, Oregon City, OR  97045
maintainer of "ON-LINE ACCESS" gopherspace -encouraging internet access  

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