PCR from fungal colonies

Seanna Annis sannis at uoguelph.ca
Thu Oct 20 16:24:13 EST 1994

: J Kennedy (mb1jxk at silver.shef.ac.uk) wrote:
: : I am going to be doing some PCR on fungal colonies from
: : plates. As I will be screening a lot of colonies 
: : (from a cross of Aspergillus nidulans) I am looking for 
: : a quick and reliable method. Any suggestions would be 
: : welcome.

: : j.kennedy at sheffield.ac.uk

: :  
: In our lab we have been using a boiling prep method, very little time 
: involved. I believe one of the methods can be found in Biotechniques.  I 
: have not used the method myself, but many people in our lab have, and it 
: usually worked well.  Good luck. Seanna sannis at uoguelph.ca

Sorry I have gotten my journals mixed up.  The reference for this method 
is in    Hensen et al. 1993 Phytopathology vol 83. p 283 to 287.  We have 
used this method for extracting DNA from infected roots and leaves and 
from mycelium. Seanna Annis

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