Boletus mirabilis

Thomas O'Dell todell at
Sat Oct 22 12:30:56 EST 1994

not all fungi that fruit on wood are saprobes (and therefore potentially 
cultivated. B. mirabilis is one example of an ectomycorrhizal fungus 
fruiting on well-decomposed wood, but presumably obtaining most of its 
energy from a living host tree. there are however a couple of references 
to boletes fruiting in pure culture (e.g. Pantidou, M.E. 1964. Cultural 
studies of Boletaceae: Carpophores of Xerocomus badius and Xerocomus 
illudens in culture. Can. J. Bot. 42:1147-1149.). to the best of my 
knowledge no one has ever been able to repeat these results...
hope this is informative.

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