Exploring fungus culture

EDThielk2 slim at OLYMPUS.NET
Fri Oct 28 23:39:17 EST 1994

I am a high school biology teacher, and an amateur field mycologist.  
Every year I have students collect mushrooms, make observations on local 
diversity (Olympic Peninsula, Washington) and view spores under the 
microscope, etc.  
This year, while sampling the campus for bacteria, and growing some 
cultures, several agar plates sprouted fungus.
My question is - if I innoculate nutrient agar with spores from  
mushrooms collected in the field, could I expect some hyphae to grow?   I 
can't recall at the moment the constituents of the agar I am using up at 
school.  I believe that it is a yeast or beef extract with nutrient 
gelatin added.
All I really want at this point if for my students to see another stage 
in the cycle of the mushrooms they see in their yards and the forests 
around here. If the answer to this question is too complicated to do 
email, perhaps a reference would work.   
David Thielk
Port Townsend, WA 
slim at pt.olympus.net

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