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> Did anyone else notice the scene in the last episode
> of StarTrek:Voyager?  The "Doctor" is in the holodeck
> inside a program emulating a forest.  They come across 
> a batch of mushrooms, which the doctor confidently says 
> are "Amanita muscaria".  
> However, to me, they looked a lot more like oyster mushrooms
> (Pleurotus ostreatus) they probably picked up at the local super
> market.
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Yes!  I saw that!  They were CERTAINLY not Amanita muscaria, but they
didn't look to be oyster mushrooms either.  They had a central stem, as
opposed to a lateral stem, white gills, no annulus or volva, and a
beige-white cap.  I suppose they could be oysters with a central stem. 
They looked to me like shiitakes, only with a light cap instead of a brown
one.  Does such a variety exist?  

Matthew Stoecker

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