Lepiota procera, Chanterells, etc. (longish)

Island taykra at philk.iii.net
Wed Apr 26 13:38:45 EST 1995

A few years ago I had growing (in front on what was to later become my 
front steps) a nice patch of Lepiota procera ('parasol mushroom').  
Of course I harvested them and cooked them up.  Unfortunately, I had to
install some front steps, and the small dozer got the patch.

Now there is loam there, but only about 7 inches of the area got disturbed.

The original area was of a "poor", semi-sterile gravelly/sandy loam. 
Probably more gravel than loam, because at the time the house site was 
only about 5 years old -- prior to that it had all been excavated for the
house site, filled in w/ "fill". 

WAS: gravelly fill w/ loam;  pt sun/pt shade; somewhat acid; interupted 
fern and bracken, blue flowered grass; growing in area.

Questions:(1)  Does anyone knowledgable about these things think that the
mycelium got totally creamed, gonzo?  (2)  Any chance on recovering it?
(3) At the same time of year, I saw another bunch of L. procera growing
from a bunch of pine bark mulch at the exit of one of those rural shopping
malls.  I picked these, ate them (after id). Does L procera grow on wood?
I think it was just in the soil in that site.  Usually I see it in waste
places, along roadsides, highways.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.  I've got a "green thumb" and now 
want to develope my "fungi thumb".  I would appreciate any info on growing
or "encouraging" any of the following for personal consumption:

Lepiota procera; Morcella esculenta; "shaggy manes" (C. comatus); 
Cantharellus cibarius; black chanterell; meadow mushrooms;  and, of course
Boletus edulis.

Has anyone had any luck transplanting (to like location) any of the 
mycelia of any of these? 
Thanks for any info.  "Island" ,  Central Mass 

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