Fairy rings and lawns: Q?

klier at cobra.uni.edu klier at cobra.uni.edu
Sun Aug 6 22:48:49 EST 1995

One of the persistent questions in rec.gardens is "there's a 
fairy ring in my lawn, and it's killing all the grass, how do
I kill it?"

My standard answer, based on midwestern experience, is "don't
bother, the grass comes back better than ever in a few months."

Nevertheless, there are folks who aver that their lawns never
recover from fairy rings, requiring replacement of soil and 
resodding.   Since I don't deal well with spores, 
I've never made it (AHCHOO!) through an entire mycology course,
so I'd appreciate some advice from the experts:  Are there
fairy-ring forming species that are pathogenic or allelopathic
for common lawn grasses?  If so, what are they, and what controls
are recommended?


Kay Klier  klier at cobra.uni.edu

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