Europe's most spectacular fungi

Jonathan Clay jonc at
Tue Aug 8 06:31:49 EST 1995

Calling all mycologists in Europe!
What/where are, in your opinion, Europe's most spectacular fungi?
What fungi or fungi-facts are guaranteed to make the lay-person sit up 
and say "thats amazing!"?

I'm researching a television series on the natural history of Europe 
and, whilst the programmes will probably be dominated by mammals and 
birds (thats what the viewers want, I'm afraid!), I don't want to ignore 
groups such as fungi. But, to get airtime, the fungi have got to appeal 
to a general audience - they have to be visually stunning or have a very 
interesting life-history (preferably both!)
So what species do you reccomend and why? And where can I find them? 
Any stories about the interaction between people and fungi, in the past 
and the present, would also be particularly welcome.

Check out the following URL for more information on the series:-



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