Paul T. Magee ptm at BIOSCI.CBS.UMN.EDU
Fri Aug 11 09:20:36 EST 1995

I would advise strongly against using garlic to get rid of pests while 
trying to preserve the fungi. Garlic (most likely the active ingredient, 
alliine) is a very effective fungicidal agent against Candida albicans.  
In fact, a new antibiotic with commercial potential is called alliamine 
and is no doubt related to alliine.
Pete Magee> 

> will garlic water (either crushed garlic or crushed garlic boiled and then
> cooled) convince the bugs to vacate with out harming the fungi?  please email
> me with any help at   stw104 at
> i am not interested in using sprays, but plan to use fly paper.
>    thanks in adv.
>                     scott

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