calcium in fungi

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Tue Feb 14 08:23:32 EST 1995

<9502072052.AA01079 at> nora at writes: 
: >I would appreciate some help in designing/assessing experiments to 
: >determine cytoplasmic calcium levels in Neurospora crassa or another 
: >fungus.  Specific questions are: : > 
: > (1) Does the esterified fura-2 work in Neurospora for :..............

I can't help with the specifics but you may find some food for thought in the
following papers :-

Knight, H. et al. (1993) 
Confocal microscopy of living fungal hyphae microinjected with Ca2+-sensitive 
fluorescent dyes. Mycological Research 97(12), 1505-1515

Read, N.D. et al. (1992)
Imaging and measurement of cytosolic free calcium in plant and fungal cells.
Journal of Microscopy Vol 166, Part 1 April 1992, 57-86

Mike Morris @ Aberdeen, Scotland

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