HELP! basidiomycete recognition systems

Joe Sommer ninja at
Mon Feb 27 23:58:09 EST 1995

Hello, I need some information on how mating type compatability, somatic 
compatability and intersterility function in basidiomycete fungi.  I 
would appreciate any advice about how these systems operate, does the 
current literature suggest that they are all independent of one another? 
how do they function in terms of genetic loci? must they be different or 
similar to produce a successful mating pair?

Also does somatic (vegetative) incompatability seem to be an artifactual 
phenomenon? or does it serve a true functional role in segregating members within a 
species to recognize only themselves in the natural environment?

Any advice concerning the above systems and how they interact with one 
another would be appreciated.  Also any opinions on the function of 
somatic compatability in the wild would also be appreciated.

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