1995 Fungal Genetics Newsletter

Fungal Genetics Stock Center fgsc at KUHUB.CC.UKANS.EDU
Thu Jul 6 16:08:37 EST 1995

Attention FGN Readers!

The 1995 Newsletter will go to the printer in the next few days.  We hope it
will be shipped to readers within two weeks.

Meanwhile all the articles and bibliographies for this year can be read at
the FGSC WWW site:


The only items excluded are the sheets of updated RFLP mapping data from Bob
Metzenberg (they don't fit into HTML very well) and stocks added to the
collection in the last year (they should already be included in catalogue

As always, let us know if you want to subscribe to the newsletter or have
any questions about it or the stock center.

Craig Wilson

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