Biomarker to monitor presence and activity in environment

Jerome Rigot jfrigot at
Thu Jul 13 17:12:53 EST 1995


I am looking for references related to the insertion of a biomarker into a
filamentous fungus to monitor its presence and activity in the environment
after release.  This could be applied to the monitoring biocontrol
organisms in soil or to the monitoring of degradative organisms released
in the environment for bioremediation purpose.  Lux gene is used for
bacterial systems, and luc gene (luciferase) may potentially be used for
fungi or yeasts.  Are there any other approaches?  I found only one
reference about luc gene inserted in yeast.  I would appreciate
suggestions and specific references.  Respond directly to my email
address.  Thanks.
Jerome Rigot

Jerome Rigot
Dept. Environmental Toxicology
University of California
Davis, CA 95616
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