After-effects of bleach?

Ralph D. Arnold rarnold at
Thu Jul 20 03:30:08 EST 1995

Greetings!  I have successfully prepared substrate for inoculation by
different species of Pleurotus with a method of soaking the substrate
(straws, woodchips, sawdust) in a bleach- water bath (.5 cup 
household bleach <5% sodium hypochlorite> per 4 gallons of water) for 2 
hours, then drain and immediately inoculate.  Growth and contamination 
rates are easily better than when I use the typical heated-water 
pasterization method.  However, I have been questioned by several 
individuals about possible residual effects of using bleach (whether or not 
any long-term toxics are left, to be absorbed by the fungi...and passed on 
to the consumer).  Can you point me to anypapers dealing with this 
question??  Any assistance will be appreciated!
Best regards,     Ralph Arnold     rarnold at

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