what to expect wild in NE Ohio?

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>For those either well versed in scientific aspects of mycology,
>as well as those hunting for something to grill with a steak...
>I 'll apologize now for my ignorance in this matter.
>I've recently become quite interested in wild (edible)
>mushrooms... A dear friend in Helsinki has described her bounty-
>Tabletops covered in freshly cut king boletes, chanterelles,
>various truffles, etc.
>Although I have never had wild mushrooms, she assures me that
>they are delicious....And I'm quite passionate about 
>simple champignons, portabellas...
>I have not been able to find a book with comprehensive
>geographical information. I simply don't know which wild
>mushrooms to expect to find in NE Ohio.
>I have certainly seen meadow mushrooms, and know enough not
>to confuse them with amanitas.
>Are there any truly tasty wild mushrooms in this area?
>Or are all of the much-sought-after varieties indigenous
>to the pacific northwest ( and like climes )?
>Must I continue to pay over a dollar apiece for 5-6 cm
>portabella caps ?!
>Appreciate any thoughts on the matter.
Oh lots of thoughts:
1. The mushroom guides tend to emphasize the 'shrooms near where the author 
lives. There is not a lot of info on it, but mushrooms are rather less 
geographically constrained than other creatures. Pretty much the same 'shrooms 
grow here and there and even on other continents.
2. Don't eat anything until you've been with an expert and identified it with 
the thing in your hand. "hearsay" identification is very dangerous.
3. I have hunted 'shrooms in WVA, North Carolina, New York state, Mass, 
southeastern Ohio, Ontario, and found pretty much the same ones, with some 
variation. There are varietal differences within the same species too; e.g. 
Oregonian a. muscaria are bright red and they are a dull yellow in the north 
Hope this helps. 

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