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Hi Lou

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> Just lost the message when aol got disconnected.
> Regarding shiitake in US, the author is a few years behind times,
> Regarding paddie straw mushrooms, only the orientals are familiar with
> this mushroom, and you have to do a lot of marketing,

I recall a story of two shoe salesmen, sent to Africa to ply their trade.
One cabled back to the company after only a week, saying:
"Terrible sales prospects here - NOBODY wears shoes"

The other also cabled the company after a week, saying:
"WONDERFUL sales opportunity her - nobody wears shoes, yet"!!!

> ... secondly you have to get round of the shelf life problem
> in shipping and reaching the consumer.

If business is too easy, it doesn't need a clever bloke like us to run it
and make money!


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