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Wed Aug 21 15:02:48 EST 1996

Dear Prof. Phillips,
		I am sending this message through the news group as I don't
seem to be able to get through to your personal number.                
Thank you so much for your information.   This morning I found
your paper from the Canadian Journal of Micro. and I have a few
 questions that I would hope that you can help me with.
1)      The liquid media you used is referenced Weinhold 1969 in
        I tried to grow Rhizoctonia in Peptone Yeast Glucose Media
 but I didn't
        get satisfactory results.  Is this medium too rich?

        The ingredients are as follows
Peptone         5.0g
Yeast Extract   20.0g
Glucose         10.0g
KH2PO4          1.0g
MgSO4.7H2O      0.5g
Distilled Water 1 Litre
(Biochemical techniques for Filamentous Fungi, Paterson & Bridge

        I don't have the journal that Weinhold published in and I
 wonder if you
        could send me the ingredients for the liquid medium used
 there to
        compare with what I have been trying?

2)      After harvesting the mycelium they are washed in 3 changes
 of SDW does
        this mean centrifuging?  If so would it be along the lines
 of 10,000 X  g for 10 mins?

3)      Lastly, in your last message you suggest a rate of 0.25g of
fresh weight
        mycelia / Kg of soil.  Does this mean weigh after collection
 in the
        Buchner flask directly or do you oven - dry it before
        Also I'm working with peat and you think that
 will make a huge difference?

Sorry for all the questions and I hope you won't regret answering my

In appreciation,

Susan Rafferty :->

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